TEDDY: "...Yeah, I mean, I still do DEFINITELY get IMPOSTOR SYNDROME, but at least now I'm AWARE of it, so I know intellectually it's more a part of coming of age and if I just trust in myself to accomplish something I'll probably be able to handle it..."  ~  TEDDY: "Unless, of course, that awareness desensitizes me to the point that my insecurities trigger me to automatically over compensate, with OVER confidence, so I OVER reach, and it all comes crashing down, and everyone knows I'm just a giant fraud and I lose any credibility I ever had and am forever doomed to be written of as just an entitled millenial..." *fades off to Teddy in a dark room, rocking in the fetal position*

*Jeff Goldblum voice* "What I'm saying is life anxiety, uh... finds a way"...

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