*whittled into several logs* "I'm all for alternative mediums, but I think "WHITTLING" may be a stretch..."

Granted didn't take quite as long as the jack-o-lanterns, elaborate as they were, but suffice it to say, I don't think this is one I need to try again anytime soon...

This comic coming at you from the Russian Wilderness along the Pacific Crest Trail!

(The Obligatory) Pokémon Go (Joke)

*Teddy in the wilderness decked out in bird watching gear, staring sidelong at at kid next to him buried in a phone playing Pokémon Go...*

I would say "before it was cool," but I'm  pretty sure even with the similarities, birdwatchers are still gonna have a tough sell going as far as "cool"... 

Coming of Age

"I feel like this is a weird time to be a young adult, because I honestly don't know if REAL LIFE has always been this messed up and I just don't have a frame of reference for it yet, or if the world is LITERALLY ENDING....."   *News report with "TOP STORIES":*  "UK: Brexit vote continues to frack everything - Fallout even worse than expected, if possible..."  "Donald Trump opens his mouth again..."  "Hillary Clinton still basically Frank Underwood from Netflix' 'House of Cards' -'I was fine with the hypothetical implication of the occasional reporter-murder, but then Season 4 kinda skeeved me out a bit...'-Random Street Millennial"   "Things looking up? - No domestic mass shootings in several hours!"   "Breaking: Arbitrary female celebrity getting fat?!"

Pretty sure if we do make it to the next decade, the next generation's gonna be really messed up...


TEDDY: *in front of graph showing "Stress Balls" far inferior to "CHEW TOYS" on "Level of CATHARSIS"*  "I don't know how they decided which of these was socially acceptable, but clearly someone here messed up..."
I'm telling ya, folks, dogs and babies have the right idea on this one...

Moving Hack

TEDDY: *amongst several empty liquor bottles* "It counts as packing if you finish the bottle, right?"

*Finishes last bottle*
"Shoot, we're out of liquor: Better go out and buy some scotch!"

But, hey, in my defense, when you're just carting around half a dozen bottles with less than a shot each, surely it'd be environmentally irresponsible to expend the fuel to bring them with you!..