(not actually)Spoilers

So me and my peeps were all traveling for the holidays, so weren't able to watch the FORCE AWAKENS rights away. That in mind, for all those like me who've been avoiding the internet like a new Stephanie Meyers book, I wanted to make sure EVENS are ODDS was a safe space-- ALLISON: "Oh man, the new Star Wars, tho!" TEDDY: "Oh man! I know, RIGHT!"  NO wait, you guys! Maybe you didn't hear...  ~  ALLISON: "I'll tell you, I was so concerned over whether it would be good or bad, I wasn't expecting such a THOUGHT PIECE."  TEDDY: "Seriously! The whole SUBTITLED FRENCH thing? Completely off guard!"  Nooo! We're trying to do a thing....  ~  ALLISON: "And maybe I should have been more primed with the whole 'Darth Jar Jar' thing, but that Chewie twist? DID NOT see that coming!"  TEDDY: "I KNOW! Who would have guessed that Han was a MEATSUIT/VENTRILOQUIST dummy THE ENTIRE TIME!"  GAAHHHHHH!!!.....

So they probably haven't written the script for Episode 9 yet, right? 'Cause I'm totally available...

Passive Aggressive

"T'was the night before Christmas..." ~ "...And all through the house..." ~ "...there wasn't a SINGLE fracking CLEAN DISH, even though half of them are mine in the first place, and I make a point of washing of anything I dirty almost immediately, have even cleaned the others' more times than I care to count for want of a clean sink..."

#PrettySadWhenI'mTheResponsibleOne (though to be fair, #OLD)

So looks like this comic is what I'll be getting my roommates for Christmas; feel free to print it out and hang it on your wall too, for that not so subtle holiday message!..