Know your limits.
Hint: If you ever find your self in a situation even remotely approaching this, you don't.


Sadly, if anyone did figure out how to ferment straight lemons, I would totally drink that...

Come at me bro!

Quite possibly the most inspired doodle I've ever come up with: T-Shirt most definitely to follow


Pretty sure this is only funny to the tiny demographic of people actively learning German, but what the heck!..

Battering Ram

Let's just say that I really got in touch with my Swedish ancestry demoing that deck today...


Perhaps even funnier than the panel, the note I jotted down to remind me of this idea reads "Penis Mountain"

Last Moments

Then in the Hollywood version they both survive, Character A having thrown themselves over Character B at the last minute, so allowing B to escape with not but a scraped cheek, looking properly badass while they worry over A's coma (which will last about an episode)

This is what happens when you're bored and need to stay awake during pinups...


Kitty Kondo

Probably have to blame my mom for this one, mentioning the cat needed a treehouse for Christmas to one of my Architectural disposition, but once I saw saw the branches she had slated in the back yard it was already too late.

I like to sometimes sentimentally think of this as my first design project to get built, and the discerning needlessly pretentious individual may notice the Miesian planes guiding the footprint of the house behind the organic, sculptural influence playing off the natural trunks...

Probably pretty appropriate, then, that the cat's Christmas present ended up being the most expensive that year...

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