Thanksgiving 2016

ALLISON: *coming down stairs to find Teddy unloading turkeys from model train emerging from tunnel in basement wall* "You do realize it wasn't a LITERAL Underground Railroad, right?"   TEDDY: "Yes, but THIS way is more fun..."

*3:00 A.M. November 9: Realizes Trump is going to win the election.*

*Begins to quietly buy up 7.5" gauge model train track...*


TEDDY: *Finishing putting up 'Stronger Together' yard sign, along with caption 'To be clear, I put this sign up Nov. 9...'*  "I think it's an even more important sentiment now, it's just we're going to have to work A LOT harder to make good on it than we thought..."

Wrote it on the 9th, but got a bit tied up in the essay thing I'm also posting that gets into more of the nuance exceeding the comic format... 


TEDDY: *standing off agaisnt armed gunman holding a fork.*  "Crap, it's supposed to be 'KNIFE,' isn't it? 'Bring a KNIFE to a gun fight'..."

Teddy: "Well, guess I'm pretty well forked then, aren't I?"

Bad Guy: "..."

T: "Get it? Forked? 'Cause of the fork?"

BG: "..."

T: "Sorry, I do TENEDOR this from time to-"


Coming of Age - Halloween Edition

*Teddy and Allison outside eating candy at 8:05*  TEDDY: "Man, all those years thinking CANDY was for the benefit of the kids, I can't believe I never realized HALLOWEEN is basically just the biggest running scam of GROWN-UP-dom..."

As if dressing up wasn't reason enough to realize Halloween is the best holiday...