TV ADVERTISEMENT: "...proud to introduce the proprietary new MISSED CONNECTION feature on our dating service, because we're still not ready to give up on making a version of GRINDR that doesn't completely CREEP OUT straight women!.."  MARK: "Oh yeah, 'cause THAT's my problem: I'm just MISSING all these great, eligible women EVERYWHERE I go! Like my kitchen! Or the bathroom! My bedroom! The mailbox!"  ~  MARK: *turning off TV and leaving room* "*sigh* Fine, I get it, Subconscious: I'm not allowed to complain about being single if I don't make an effort..."   ~   *a barrage of women emerge from hiding places in the newly vacated room* "Is...Is he gone?"  "Uhg! Finally! I thought he would NEVER leave!"

I think this one falls in the category of random bits my brain comes up with unbidden, that you probably shouldn't look too deep into... 

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