Paying Forward

Why yes, that is a Martian globe on her desk -next generation man, gotta start them early.

Burying the Hatchet

Is this panel indicative of my general laisser-faire approach to life progressively ill-equipping me to deal with actual conflict? Quite possibly. Could it also detail an approach by which to gradually build up a strategic zombie-defense arsenal? Absolutely!


While I do regret the screw cap as undoubtedly wanting with consideration to the overall experience of the wine, it becomes well worth the initial sacrifice as it extends the vessel into possible reuse as a water bottle, so providing invaluable comic relief to the otherwise mundane task of hydrating in front a teacher or boss.

State of Discovery

It's a shame I'm so against the direction Discovery's headed: It'd be a great excuse to tromp around naked in the wilderness...


AIAS dodge ball tournament yesterday + me really getting into fall this year = natural progression