Yet that one really good thing you watched and rated 5 stars that one time, that's exactly what you're in the mood for, but can't quite remember the title of, is no where to be found...


*Teddy & Mark standing in front of sign frontage for "Shock & Awe: Attorneys at Law"*  ALLISON: "You guys actually legally changed your names for this, didn't you?"

4a. Reason for filing for a change of name? __________________ 


*All absorbedly reading their phones below entrance sign for "Paul Revere's House & Museum":  "I don't know, it seems like it should be right around here..." "Uhg. I can't read anything in this sun..."  "Oh wait. I think I was taking us to 'Paul Revere's House OF COFFEE..."

There are way too many bad political jokes that arise when you actually follow the physical brick line demarcating the "Freedom Trail," but the upshot is sometimes the sun just shines on the wrong side of Freedom...


Allison: "You actually ATE food you found ON THE STREET?!"     TEDDY: "A BANANA, yes. It's got the peel; totally insulated. Anyways, it's been at least 2 hours now, so I reckon that mostly precludes your garden variety razor blade & cyanide scenario..."       ~   TEDDY: "And as far as anything more nefarious, I'm only craving HUMAN BRAINS slightly more tan usual..."
In general, I try to give the Universe the benefit of the BRAAAIIINSSSS....


I don't get why everyone freaks out if I call my Chainsaw "CUTE."

It's only got a 14" bar running 9 amps for Pete's sake; if that's not cute, I don't what is, and I stand by that position!..

April Fools

Hope your April Fools hi-jinks were successful and amputation-free!

Also, it occurred to me that its a shame there's not really such a thing as an April Fools Day Card. Then I realized that's not strictly speaking true, and made these!..


"The way you said 'Always' just then, you were quoting 'Harry Potter,' weren't you?" "'Always.'"

I don't even know anymore how to say the word "Always" without quoting Harry Potter on at least some level...
Which is actually a bit inconvenient as far a quotes go, because one word often lacks the context for people to catch the significance of the allusion...

Dance Clubs

Also, On Trying to Draw Comics on the Dance Floor: Make sure to frequently intersperse writing with actual dancing, so people will be less likely to question you... Or at least don't forget to bring a couple of those Pop-Up business cards you made-and-never-get-a-chance-to-distribute so you can at least get some free publicity out of people repeatedly asking you what you're doing...