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Architectural Trace Paper Lantern Desk Lamp

Sometime in my sleep deprived deliria last semester I was struck by the intricate patterns you get rolling layers of trace designs and scribbles back on themselves, and was inspired to laminate a couple layers of rejects together to make these lamps. Check 'em out on my etsy for more info.

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MARK: "Wow, a literal junk draw, why am I not surprised."  ~  MARK: "Hold up, 'HOT JOBS'? Is this actually a list of the professions you're most attracted to?"  ~  MARK: "You know, there's actually a fair bit of overlap with a lot of these. Yeah, definitely some patterns here..."  ~  MARK: "So, effectively, your dream girl would be a... 'Paleo-Marine Biologist who works at an AQUARIUM, and makes documentaries with SHARK WEEK?.."  TEDDY: "Yeah, that checks out."

Also, if she could be, like, an heiress or something, I'm actually pretty receptive to the whole gold digging scenario if it means I can just stay home and work on our bad ass house all day... 

Work Around

*Teddy "discretely" changing store aisle sign for 'Textured Paints, Spackle, Wall Texturing, Application Tools' with one reading 'For People Who Suck at Mudding'...

Because obviously the comedic inspiration I get from basically spending my summer finishing the padres' basement is, like, super accesible... 


"I don't really have anything original to add here but some bandwagons are worth getting on."

As you might imagine, as a TCK coming of age in the Bush administration, the US and I haven't always held the strongest of affinities for each other, but I can unreservedly say that the SCOTUS ruling on marriage equality was one moment I truly was proud do be an American.

Sure it was long overdue and we have plenty of other sticky issues still looming, but its always heartening to see a step like this in the right direction, and I figure the more support and positive expression we proliferate through our culture, the better. 

Shark Week

TEDDY *taking order of largish shark*: "Come on, where's your season spirit?"   Happy shark week!

'Cause I'm sure that's exactly what discovery has in mind with Shark Week, that people are inspired to view these misrepresented, endangered animals not with misplaced fear, but a desire to keep them as pets, presumably in a swimming pool...