GOD: "Alright. Let's give this thing a shot!" *Computer screen: "Evolution Beta v0.21. Run program? Opperation may take several 100 million years to complete. Are you sure you are ready to initialize? Excute, Go Back" ~ *Test parameters complete* GOD: Crikey! Those settings were way too high! What was I thinking?" ~ Computer screen: "Test parameters complete. View results." *Overlayed on map of Australia

Props to God for developing such a legible user interface in what clearly must have been very early stages of program development.


ALLISON: "Ooo! Whatchya makin'?" TEDDY: "Arroz con..." ~ "" ~ "" *pans across counter overflowing with various food stuffs* "...Todo?"

The term "Arroz con Smörgås" actually does a better than average job of describing my heritage...

The American Way

Just after moving: When do you ever actually use this many plastic bags? Is it possible we could actually run out of plastic bags?" After shopping ONCE anywhere for anything: "I will never want for a plastic bag again as long as I live."

Why thank you! How did you know I was hoping you'd separately double-bag my chocolate bar?