*News coverage of "minimum wage" protest: Teddy seen with sign reading "Dinosaurs Aren't Prevalent Enough in Popular Culture!"

*30 minutes later, Feigned realization, looks at other signs, looks at own sign*
"This isn't my protest"

*Walks out*


TEDDY: "Ever notice how people don't just MONOLOGUE anymore? Wonder why that is..."   ALLISON: "You were literally just talking about beer for the last 18 minutes."

"I actually left, bought this hat, grabbed a quick coffee, and came back, and you didn't even notice." 


Sorry, this one's exclusively for my Comp Studio colleagues.

The only question now is which will outlast the other: Laboy's expectations, or my liver...

Pimped Nerf Gun

Pimped Nerf Gun

So my sister asked for a Nerf gun for Christmas.
Seemed a nice idea for the dorm room, but couldn't help feeling it was a bit boring...

The gift ended up being a couple days late, but I reckon it was worth it.

Everything's completely functional per the original, and it even disassembles and is compatible with other Nerf guns and parts.
Only problem now is I reckon I might need one for myself...

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