I will not eat the random street hamburger. I will not eat the random street hamburger. I will not eat the random street hamburger. I will not...

Walked past this tempting beauty all day yesterday: I'm ashamed to admit how difficult it was to resist by the time I finally left studio at 5:00 this morning...
a random street hamburger


MAC GIRL: "Oh and here's your access code" ALLISON: "Access code?" MAC GIRL: "To the alternate dimension things get lost to. Science can't entirely explain it, but occasionally wormholes open and transport objects there; There does seem to be a certain correlation between their appearance and when men in particular go looking for something." "As a mother you can now access it."

As I draw this the clutter of my desk is scattered across five others, so I can say with some certainty that my masking tape is not, in fact, among it. Also, why is it that when mothers find something that's been lost, it's inevitably glaringly centered on the surface you've been diligently scouring for the past half hour, yet on those rare occasions you do find some success on your own, its only after army crawling down the entire studio row twice, and even then its not the roll you were immediately looking for, but one you lost two months ago?..


If architect's designed buildings w/out engineers - *collapsed rubble* ~ If engineers designed buildings w/out achitects - "So we forgot to include any windows... or doors..."

'The good news is it's damn near indestructible, the bad news is there're 47 workers trapped inside...'


Monastic Firepole *monks sliding down firepole*

Don't worry, there's no obscure joke here; its just a silly image that was put into my head today that was too good not to draw up


ALLISON: "There you are. You doing a comic up here?" TEDDY: "Eh. Sort of. I feel like drawing something, but I'm not really in the mood to develop a joke or story arc right now." ALLISON: "So? Why don't you just draw one. Sounds like that's what you want to do." TEDDY: "What, without a plot or anything? Isn't that, like, an abuse of the convention, to just use the comic as a hapless vent for errant creativity? Wouldn't that be kinda cheating my readers?" ALLISON: "Not if you draw a pretty enough picture."

The beauty of writing a web comic, is you can get away with any half-baked notion if you pass it off as cutesy romantic stuff!..