TEDDY: "So you know how I'm, like, objectively bad at conversing? Well I wrote an app that tracks how I insert myself into conversations so I can start to narrow in on specific areas for improvement. Was just about to check out my first batch of results..." ~ 47% "1.) Actually, they tested that on Mythbusters and..." "2.) Oh, I'm sorry, were you talking to me?" "3.)We're you going to finish that?" ~ TEDDY "I'm beyond hope, just go on without me."

The awkward moment when it takes you half an hour to realize that you're actively watching MythBusters as you draw this comic...


"MRANDING" (That's 'Manly Branding,' in case it wasn't obvious)" MEN"S SHAMPOO for hair ~ Knight Hawk (Don't worry, we asked a bunch of chicks, and they said this totally smells hot. ~ Cause probably some badass flames make just as much sense as sense as girly waves and plants and sh*t, right?"

One of the worst things about growing up in a house of girls is the selection of options you're left with when the androgynously ambiguous shampoo runs out... Also I really want "mranding" to be an actual thing now...

"Arsave" Pop-Up Desk

"Arsave" Pop-Up Desk

One Friday morning (amidst some blue-spinning-wheel-of-death-or-another), I read a piece on the company blog on standing workstations and the various implications and health factors they had. The over-simplified up shot was that, while its pretty obviously not super great for human beings to sit on their butts 8 (-14, seeing as we're architects...) hours a day, the ideal situation would be the one affording flexibility to variously stand or sit throughout the day. Naturally, by lunch, the idea had completely metastasized, and after a whirlwind pillage of Home Depot straight from the office and a similarly crazed weekend, I had a passable Frankenstein mock-up of a desktop module that can be raised and lowered as your tailbone sees fit.

A further summer (and several Lego Technic proof-of-concepts later) I had this much prettier, admittedly more reliable version.

It's constructed from steel-reinforced rigid polypropylene (read "shiny plastic with some bits of metal strapped to it"), has a closed profile of 4.3 cm, and a ratcheting latch system for extended heights ranging from 23.6 cm - 42.2 cm.

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