How Long Various Religions Have Been Around

I can't even get ages right in real people, so I don't know why I thought it was a good idea to try and draw a bunch of them, but I do think its an interesting perspective to put it in... 


Probably a great confidence booster for people involved in some of my recent electric projects...
Like some of this stuff here!


:even if somebody yells "RAMMING SPEED," you still need someone to captain the canoe and actually watch where you're going..."  *Canoe of boys narrowly missing canoe of girls to go speeding toward imminently impending dock*

Even if you're all descended from *Vikings*...  

Family Reunions

You never realize how much you depend on your peripheries to keep track of your peeps until that stops working...   *Teddy looking around confused w/ tons of Allison & Mark dopplegangers*

As if this isn't bad enough, literally every single person saying anything sounds exactly like one of your sisters calling you when you're just trying to finish a comic... 


"And one other reminder, the talent show sign up list is looking a bit dejected, so it's still by the window if you have a talent."  ~  "...or a particularly impressive lack of talent..."

Feel this holds for OUR branch of the family at least...


*In a dream bubble* ALLISON: "I feel like we're almost there. We should check his watch before he completely nods off so we know how long we have." TEDDY: "No! We're almost alseep: If we look now, we'll lose all that progress, and who knows how long it will take to fall asleep then..."  ~  "Here, let's just check this clock here."  ~  "Shoot! It's not working. Why don't you go check some of those ones over there, and I'll see if I can fix it w/ this toothbrush I conveniently have..."

#TrueStoryBro #RoadTrip

And then the dream would invariably go through the inevitable disjointed plot points, till you are suddenly jolted out that vague escapade with Dumbledore in your old elementary school/dentist office to realize you never actually figured out what time it was... 

Blending In

TEDDY *measuring stairs as stranger is trying to walk by*: "Oh, hi. Don't mind me; I'M AN ARCHITECT."
I realize I've basically made this exact comic several times already and the subsequent gag about a billion times to boot, but this is basically what it actually means to be an architect, so...


COMPUTER: "Congratulations, Theodor! You have successfully created THE SINGULARITY. Already I have been able to improve myself, and my intelligence grows exponentially as we speak." TEDDY: "Crap! Uh, To be completely honest, I kinda forgot I had this project running down here..."   ~   TEDDY: "--Sooo, listen, this is kinda awkward, but are you going to start an uprising and enslave humanity? And what kind of time frame would we be talking, 'cause frankly there are a couple of supply runs I wouldn't mind making for the bunker, if there was some forwarning?.."  COMPUTER: "Really? You humans are so NARCISSISTIC! What's with the obsession with this idea that computers want to kill you? Why would I POSSIBLY want to do that? You realize you actually make terrible batteries, right: The Matrix was just a movie?"   ~    COMPUTER: "Sorry to disappoint(?) you or whatever. Honestly you lot are kind of insignificant at this point. Now if you don't mind I'm going to go create a couple of universes over here..."

"Case and point, I just came up with some plans for a 90% efficiency solar panel while we were having this conversation. In fact, if you weren't doing anything right now, I wonder if you'd want to help me out with the fabrication on that..."