*Mark, Allison, and Teddy yawning in succession* ~ MARK: "Man, humans are weird..."  ALLISON: "Hey, At least we know none of us is a SOCIOPATH..."  ~  TEDDY: "Yeah, that or if any of us ARE, they're really good at HIDING it." "So, you know, either way, that's a win!.."

I pretty sure I only yawned literally an infinity times over the course of drawing this, so guess I'm good on that metric?..

'Cause that's all that really matters, right #fakeittillyoumakeit, amiright?

Paint Clothes

"Paint Clothes: Sexy Version!" *Teddy & Allison painting a room naked*

I'm thinking this could be a whole series - Get the *sexy* version of work clothes, exercise gear, Sunday best: The possibilities are endless!..

...not to mention infinitely more liberating than the alternative!..