"I reckon that anyone that travels enough gets to know that personal artifact..." "Maybe it started off accidentally, or out of convenience, but over time it kept pace as you accrued tandem trips, until you one voyage realized it was as indispensable to your identity as a traveler as your passport, or the SOLES of your FEET (both duly worn)" "As CHERISHED as Indiana Jones' HAT." "And so you go , with your inseparable, silent partner; always knowing you'll have that ready companion, no matter the Adventure; a welcome, storied friend." "And maybe it wasn't sentimental to begin with, but every mile, mountain, or mud-measured stride it unbiddenly cinched its way a couple notches further into your heart: with every takeoff and landing its significance grown."

"But with these memories come a catch-22: Does there come a point where they so charge the object, that the associated risks outweigh the reward?" "The world's a big place for doo-dads and boobles; any adventure worth having a chance they're not coming back..." "So what then do you do, with this most precious of pals? Do you carry on, knowing the value you risk; Bear the quite weight of that FEAR, nagging THIS TRIP, this could be the last." "Or do you lock it away, safe and despondent? Sacrificing the joy of new memories for those already had?" "For who are we to judge, the past from the future, when only the present can--"

*In a windy canoe*    ALLISON: *holding baseball hat out to a monologuing Teddy* "Oh quit being so MELODRAMATIC! It just blew like 2 seats back!"

Mortality metaphor be damned, I'm glad I didn't actually lose my hat!.. 

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