Reality Check

"PRO-TIP: If you ever find yourself pondering a big life decision and you're not sure whether or not it's a good idea, ask yourself if it seems the kind of thing you wouldn't be surprised to see as a premise for a reality TV show..."   *Allison and Teddy standing in front of VERY rough, falling down old house* ALLISON: "Hi! I've got no actual life experience, but my Daddy tries to mask his emotional ineptitude by turning a blind eye to my credit card bills!"  TEDDY: "And I've got $19.37 in my bank account, and $70,000 in student loans, but I just graduated architecture school, and helped build a garage one time, so now think I'm qualified to be the acting GC on a property flip!"  TOGETHER:"We just met 1 week ago on Tinder, but now we've bought this house together!"    "...If the answer is 'YES,' you probably shouldn't do it..."

This is a fictionalize vignette, of course: I built a sweet basement apartment once, too!...

...So, in other words, if anyone's 
actually looking to get into real-estate & wants to become an investment partner and match my my sweat equity with, you know, ACTUAL equity... Call me! I'm available! (Can't make any promises on the 'Ill-fated romantic entanglement' part, but, hell!- within reason on the gender & age appropriateness front, I'm game to give it a go if you are!..)

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