TEDDY: "We are gathered here today to remember and honour the passing of a major fixture of my life in recent years." ~ "I know living and growing with me didn't always make for the easiest life. So much was expected of you, and even when I wasn't as understanding or sympathetic as I should have been, you always just gave & gave, with seldom an edgewise word." ~ "Perhaps your life was cut prematurely short, but you candle burned bright & hot, and we will never fail to admire all you acomplished." ~ "Rest well knowing that your legacy will always proceed you, and is continued in hands, while perhaps more suited, equally as capable as your body of work proved you to be. You were truly a hero of a..." ~ " appliance?" *pan out to see miniature Viking longboat containing disassembled laptop sailing off, Mark & Allison preparing to loose flaming arrows.*

RIP Ptaru
4 1/2 years of Architecture may have been half a year too much, but you were a trooper to the last

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