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This is effectively me processing my reaction to Trump's victory in the 2016 presidential election in real time. It's pretty raw, and a little bit stream of consciousness, but I think most of us are dealing with some pretty profound things this week, and I am no exception. And I truly believe that understanding is the first step to reconciliation, so even if I end up being the only person ever to read it, it was still a very important personal exercise for me making sense of my internal chaos, and finding some understanding for myself. And hopefully it can help you find some understanding too.

I'm With Her
This is was a originally a Facebook post I wrote on election day. I manly wanted to put it up here as a counter point to the reaction essay you'll see above, maybe as something of a reminder to my self. And because I think the aspirations expressed in it still stand.

Curvy Erksy

I wrote this essay in angsty revolt in the throes of conversion to a full fledged Architect, as a "lighthearted critique of design education," veiled in the ironic conceit of an argument on organic design expressions. It's written as a hyperbolic satrization of the typical Architectural writing style, which for those don't know, basically means super convoluted and redundant phrasing, detrimentally high levels of diction, and as many synonyms for "pretentious" as I could work in. Yeah, I had WAY too much fun with it...

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