CPP: Priority Edition

*Mark & Teddy in the doorway of a dark room MARK: "Oh sorry there's no light in here, the switch is broken..." TEDDY: "Wait, is it actually JUST the switch, 'cause that'd be DEAD EASY to swap out: In fact, I'm pretty sure I have some new wall switches in my stuff..."*   ~   "When it's SOMEONE ELSE's thing that needs to be FIXED:"  "LITERALLY 5 MINUTES later:"  TEDDY: *switching on the light* "Hey, how about that! That fixed it!"   ~vs~   "When it's MY thing that needs to be fixed:"  "3 YEARS later:"  *A completely black room, a loud "CLUNK!" reverberating through*  DISEMBODIED SPEECH BUBBLE: "OW!!"

...But see, I can fix MY shit ANYTIME;
Whereas if I don't fix this rest stop soap dispenser NOW, nobody's EVER going to do it!...  

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