*Everyone hiding in a room decorated for a party, with a larger banner reading "SURPRISE! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TEDDY" hanging on the wall*  TEDDY: *Walking into the back of the room from inside the house, coming up behind everyone* "Oh hello, everybody! What're we watching for?"
"Oh yeah, just fancied coming in the back of the house, for absolutely no reason at all: Just had to jump a couple fences, scale that trellis to the shed roof, extricate myself from the Robinson's dog..."

I like to imagine the dynamic of Teddy and Allison at Teddy's birthday every year, getting increasingly competitive with Allison trying to catch him off guard with a surprise party, and Teddy secretly finding out about it for the sole purpose of planning his own ridiculous entrance to said party #CueRecurringSegment (that is in no way just an excuse for an easy bit to perpetuate annually at my birthday...) 

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  1. I like this sketch so much. According to this picture, I want to say, that you can create comic book. I would read them with pleasure.