*gathered in maternity ward*  MAC GIRL: "Aww, Baby ASPEN! What a unique name!"   ALLISON:"Yeah, neither of us is a huge fan of that "name your kid after the place where they were conceived" thing, but I guess we're also HIPSTER enough that in this case we thought it was a really pretty name..."  MARK: "Hold up! When the hell were you two in COLORADO 9 months ago?  ~   ALLISON: "COLORADO? Who said anything about Colorado?"   TEDDY: "TBH, I know I'm no botanist, but I'm still not entirely convinced it wasn't just a BIRCH tree..."   ALLISON: "We've been over this: BIRCH isn't a name! Just take the plausible deniability and drop it before it becomes a thing..."

Hey, it's still better than "Albus Severus," amiright?..

...Besides, you gotta give props to Teddy and Allison for the shear accomplishment here, at the very least: When you're tal
king *logistics*, an aspen's far from the most conducive species one could go for...

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