TEDDY: "Hey, <sup>?"  ~  *Teddy and Allison 'super-scripted' into upper corner* ALLISON: "Oh, nothing much, you?.."  TEDDY: "Nothing much..."  ~  *Teddy and Allison back to normal* "</sup>"

 *Code...Code...Code...Snicker, giggle...Code...Code...Code*

In all seriousness, though, I think there's something to this closing tag thing in real life: Imagine, you're at that awkward potluck/analogous function, and you get stuck talking to that old person in one of those conversations that are literally just the explicit transcription of politeness, and once you've exhausted that recap of your recent life you're both just stuck there twiddling your thumbs hoping the other one will break first? Now imagine you could just drop a "</SmallTalk><Food>" and all live happily ever after...

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