Coming of Age

"I feel like this is a weird time to be a young adult, because I honestly don't know if REAL LIFE has always been this messed up and I just don't have a frame of reference for it yet, or if the world is LITERALLY ENDING....."   *News report with "TOP STORIES":*  "UK: Brexit vote continues to frack everything - Fallout even worse than expected, if possible..."  "Donald Trump opens his mouth again..."  "Hillary Clinton still basically Frank Underwood from Netflix' 'House of Cards' -'I was fine with the hypothetical implication of the occasional reporter-murder, but then Season 4 kinda skeeved me out a bit...'-Random Street Millennial"   "Things looking up? - No domestic mass shootings in several hours!"   "Breaking: Arbitrary female celebrity getting fat?!"

Pretty sure if we do make it to the next decade, the next generation's gonna be really messed up...

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