*Pock!      Pock!  Pock! Pock! Pock, Pock! Po-Po-Pock!*
*pad pad pad pad pad*

*Pock!      Pock!  Pock! Pock! Pock, Pock! Po-Po-Pock!*
*pad pad pad pad...*

*Grooaan. 'Is it 5:00  already?'

As a general rule, I try not to base my characters too literally in reality, but in this case I have to make an exception. Internet, meet Furrgus, my parents' deaf, kinda-legitimately-mentally-deficient, extroverted-in-a-needy-canine-way, people-food-loving, rescue cat. His skills start and end at the ability to pick up and carry a ping pong ball in his mouth and the mastery of an audible full-bodied putty flop. I cannot confirm whether he plays this game when I'm not home, but I do know he literally and reliably only ever plays it at 5:00 in morning, pretty nearly on the dot.

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