Darkness of the Night

Darkness of the Night
Thomas Swanson

What evils does my path conceal
This dark and stormy night?
What prowls here
unseen, unknown,
By rain and darkness cloaked?
A scream?
A Noise?
All masked by rain
Still falling evermore,
So sinister through haunted leaves
A crushing gauntlet round the soul
My mind does wonder
but shall not know
My eyes I cast around
And turn my face to a moonless sky

A smile, a laugh breaks out
Through my hair the torrent flows
'fore streaming down my face
From my nose the water drips
Steady, pure black glee.
The rain and darkness are my cloak
Haunted mystery my mask
The night is open, vulnerable,
From it my confidence grows
I leech the power of the night
By black I am emboldened,
As I prowl about
I prey,
I soar,
I thrive
In solitary harmony
I embrace my unseen friends
The rain,
The leaves,
The mystery,

The darkness of the night.

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