Athleticism II

*Teddy lining a large sheet of plywood up to a table saw in the middle of an Olympic field*  ~  ANNOUNCER 1:"...rejoining us now for Theodor Dukkins, a surprising young upstart in these games, attempting a 96" x 57" rip..."  ANNOUNCER 2:"--That's right Jim: If he's successful here, that will be a new WORLD RECORD for the Men's Solo 3/4"-Ply OLYMPIC TABLE SAW. You have to realize, once we get into these sizes, you're talking a seriously heavy slab of wood."  ANNOUNCER 1:"--That may be Chip, but he's not exactly a small guy either, and we're going to be looking for him to use every bit of that extra reach on this cut--OH! Bit of binding there as he struggles to keep it on the fence: We'll have to see what the judges make of that, could be a deduction!.."

Amature move sacrificing fence accuracy for size...

...Everyone knows its all about cut tolerance!..

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