Professional Opinion

Can you tell I went home to my house of three sisters for thanksgiving?

La Vie

Not to be overly depressing, I just thought it'd make a striking picture. Or patchwork?..


OK, seriously though, we need to have a Zombie Party for real...


See! Even the Mac Girl uses a Blackberry over an iphone! (That totally wasn't a lapse I just now realized and so covered up as further Apple-Bashing...)


As an architect, I can't tell you how heretical I feel implying that the PDF won't last forever..

Defensive Driving

I always found that "Its dark and there's a deer in the road" bit to be a bit cliche...


Is it bad that I almost think it might be worth all the law school just to do it and be debarred?

Shock and Awe

The last panel also works as a stand-alone response to "say something smart"


'And I'm pretty sure we actually made it for shape shifters -not sure where you got "alien clone" from- but yeah, that was it.'


Yeah, yeah, this almost certainly betrays my ignorance of apple, but still...

Seeds of Doubt

And cue mysterious masked paratroopers in[p]\\