GEORGE LUCAS: "...that, in order to keep fresh for each new generation the legacy, a new trilogy shall be released every two decades..."

...And now you can't stop thinking of George Lucas in conjuncture with President Snow...


Barring those w/ the benefit of an introductory linguistics credit filling out their liberal arts knowledge base, ("Oh, you can't pick out the adjectives from a page of meaninglessly-oversimplify, decontextualized Swhahili?) most people now-a-days probably don't realize that the thou/thee pronoun actually has etymological roots as the informal counterpart to the formal "you" that has since subsumed it. We seem to get along just fine w/out it (other than maybe some slight bemusement when Americans attempt to learn foreign languages) ("Tus son?) So this tidbit will probably strike you as vaguely interesting at best: for my part, I admit this as a perfectly reasonable reaction, but I do like to think that 400-500 years form now, people will talk like this when they wan to sound ye-olde & highfalutin: "Yo, bootylicious shorty, y'all be so fine! Jus' wanna get all up in that, damn!"

I'm certainly no expert, but I think I blew my own mind a little bit in writing this when I realized that Shakespearean playwrites were probably socially analogous with modern rappers...

Time Out

"Damn it, OSNAP! If you're not going to behave, you won't get to play at all." *f3 command <osnap off>
Basically, it's about as reliable as a small child, is what I'm trying to say. I'm honestly surprised its taken me this long to bust out an Osnap comic...

Guitar Case

Guitar Case

You might recognize the construction technique from the barrel tunnel of the Kitty Kondo, but when I found myself needing a guitar case I knew I wanted to push that rustic aesthetic to a more complex geometric experiment.

It only weighs about a shit ton, which I realize in hindsight is why you don't see more guitar cases from wood, and if I'm completely honest, the straps I stole from a Goodwill, Spiderman backpack probably leave a bit to be desired on the ergonomic front, but at the end of the day its proven to be enough of a conversation piece to make it on to this page.

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