Men Cooking

'Flavor Sludge,' as I like to call it, has (surprisingly?) never actually featured in any of my cooking, lest anyone having attended a diner party with me should worry...

Architect's 5 o'clock

I want to make the "Architect's 5 O'clock" an actual thing, as in, for example: 'Has was handsome enough, in a ruffled sort of way, loosely hung in his still-nice shirt, and sporting an architect's 5 o'clock painting the of hollow of his cheeks.'

Flight of Fancy

Flight of Fancy Audio Available!
So I pretty much blame my AP English Lit teacher for this one. I really let go on it, so if you like your writing styles dense and convoluted, then, hey, I've got good news!..
But still, it's about dinosaurs (sort of) and I did have fun playing with some literary devices, so I like to think it still makes for a decently comedic narrative.