So from time to time, I do enjoy writing a bit. Usually this entails "short" stories, though as implied by the multiple categories you see below, I've been know to venture the occasionally foray into additional genres. I'm not generally super quick about it, so I wouldn't expect these pages to see very much movement, and I'm sure it wouldn't take any especially notable debate prowess to question at least the advisability of my talent in some of these instances (see this comic), but at the end of the day it remains another creative outlet I exercise every once in a while. So I thought, hey, I'd do the due diligence and make these suckers available to the light of day here, and if it floats your cup of tea to so avail, all the more to ya!..

Short Stories
Have you ever thought to yourself "Hey, I love the wit and comedic gravitas this Thom Swanson guy captures in his comics, but I wish they came in a longer, more eloquently exorbitant delivery method"? Then there's a good chance these stories may be right for you!

If my normal writing habits are considered sporadic, then my attempts at poetry probably rank the endangered species list. But at any rate, for those few occasions I do find myself inspired to get in touch with my inner-touchy-feely verse-spinner, you've got this bad boy right here.

Essays & Misc. Other Stuff
Surprisingly(?), I'm also an opinionated human being, and especially considering I'm somewhat taken to the comedic tendencies as evident in this website, I sometimes find I'm compelled to loose my contentious command of diction onto some of these topics. When the red-eyed haze clears, if the result is any good, I may just post it here.