"Na, jusd kiddig: I dnow thad's nod acdually how id works..." *reaches for Vodka Screwdriver*

And hey, just so happens I'm drinking Long Trail's Sick Day this week, sooo.....

Sign of the Times (AKA, "Madonna and Child")

"See, the Renaissance was an interesting period in Architecture history, because you had all these artistic disciplines running concurrently. They don't have the term "Renaissance Man" for nothing after all: All these guys we study as 'architects' are just as likely to be known for their sculpture or painting. "This is where something like the 'Madonna & Child'-effect, as I like to call it, comes in. What with it being such a popular motif, we have access to a bunch of different architects' interpretations of the same subject! And it's independent of their built works and architectural endeavors, so historians looking back now actually have a sort of litmus gauging the values & greater artistic climate of each generation in which we can understand how Architecture as a discipline engaged and evolved in response to these more fickle socio-political factors. "Which brings us, inevitably, to complete the circle: I give you, my 'Madonna and Child'!"  *painting of lady and baby in capes and masks pulling superhero poses*

You gotta hand it to the Mannerists, though: It takes a kind of balls we've largely lost today to decorate your buildings with murals of buildings collapsing on horrified people... 

LEFT: The Small Cowper Madonna, Raphael, 1505.
RIGHT: Doni Tondo, Michelangelo, 1506.


TCK: (Third Culture Kid) "A term used to refer to children who were raised in a culture outside of their parents' culture for a significant part of their development years." Wikipedia    TEDDY: "And where are you from? That's the kind of small talk we're supposed to be making here, right?"  MARK: "Ha, right! Yeah, I'm from [location=L]! Born & raised!"  TEDDY: "No fooling? I lived for a while in {location<L+50km}."    If in a group scenario, repeat as necessary.

Rookie mistake, voluntarily directing the conversation towards "home town," 'cause when the question is inevitably volleyed back to you, it just returns a "Fatal system error: Invalid Query."

Dinosaur Detective

I’ve been wanting to write a surly, wrong-side-of-the-tracks Private Eye character pretty much as long as I’ve been putting pen to paper, but never really could find a plot that would satisfactorily stick. Enter my “Happy Place” drawings: A little strategy I’ve developed whenever I have a crit I’m particularly sleep deprived for, or feeling less than confident about, they basically amount to fun little doodles of whatever ridiculous scene strikes my brain as the escapist pick-me-up I need at the time. Usually it’s just a lot of beaches and the like, but (seeing as it’s my brain) some are a little bit *less intuitive.* Like, for instance, this little number below. Suddenly, everything just fell into place... 

When Sanjay Mann got into the business 3 years ago, he never really expected it to actually succeed as a sustainable venture: As far as he saw it at the time, striking out as a P.I. basically just constituted a relatively painless way to continue ignoring the perilously impending call of real life for another couple of months. At least so far, though, he’s always managed to sneak that one last job just when it seems he’s on the brink, contenting himself with the usual P.I. fodder a limited pool of competition affords  him, and the fact that, at least most days, the work is as tolerable as any job. And while he may concede that the cavalier over-specificity of his self-appointed title as the “Dinosaur Detective,” a nod to his first case and his idea of a bad joke, sees him his fair share of curious drunk college students, he’s also found it has the benefit of peaking potential clients’ interest enough to push them through the door.

When Officer Sofia Fortuna comes knocking one brisk autumn evening with a cagey mystery of an assignment, though, it might also get him a lot more than he bargained for...

Also, bit of a rating to this one: STRONG language throughout, so you probably know better than I if that's something you should be reading or not...

Perfect Storm

TEDDY: "Man, talk about weird dreams: I dreamt I was NAKED in JURASSIC PARK..." ALLISON: "Ugh, I hate nightmares like that..."  ~  TEDDY: "Nightmare? It was, like, the BEST dream I've ever had!.."

Sorta like how if I have zombie dreams now, they're pretty much just VERY thinly veiled messages from my subconscious about taking initiative, and leadership and stuff...