Jack'o'comic 2018

*In jack'o'lanterns* TEDDY: "Gah! Halloween's like a week away & I haven't had time to come up w/ an idea!"   ALLISON: "I'm sensing a theme w/ these *annual* Jack'o'comics..."
TEDDY: "Hmm.... Dinosaurs?"   ALLISON: "Seems very on brand..."    ~   *A very cute triceratops jack'o'latern: Like that's stupid to just type out, because this, you know, alt text and saying that it's a dinosaur jack'o'latern doesn't really convey much about what amounts to a very visual punch-line to all this, but trust me it's very cute. I'm quite proud of it.....          Why am I still typing this? I need to go to bed...*
Me to myself: *It's fine; reading through this in posterity they won't even realize you didn't manage to finish and post this until December...*

Look, it's a cute dinosaur, what more do you want? At least I got to actually make the jack'o'comic this year...