Wedding Tent

Wedding Tent 

(and a couple of other inevitable bits of landscaping and decorative touches...)

So apparently I do weddings now?

IDK... Basically in the earlier stages of my sister's planning for her wedding she off-handed complained within my earshot about how much it was going to cost her to rent a tent, and I, having my brain, immediately started do some math and pricing 2x4's... I've yet to confirm whether or not this was intentional on her part, but I think we all agree the result ended up with much more to offer on the aesthetic front than something more generic, and we got to have it erected for setting up more than just the day of, at a much more palatable price point!.. And I even managed to have a bit of fun with it to boot! ;)

Final tent came in at about 212 m2, or 120 people + dance floor. Was a bit worried using the 6 mil poly to skin it might skew a bit "Breaking Bad," but when  you see the irl oil-painting-photoshop-filter it gave the background, it definitely stole the show!
Of course, we put it all on in the padres backyard, so I hand my hand in most of the other projects, lighting, and errant furniture you'll see around the place, but those were largely more spontaneous than the title number... 

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