Pallet Dry Bar

Pallet Dry Bar

So this one was also part of the wedding, but figured it deserved it's own entry: To be fair, my sister had been cooking up the idea of a bottle cap bar top for years, but then we kinda decided since a lot of the friends who'd been helping her stock up on caps were going to be guests at this thing, it'd make a good show to try to pull it together for the reception seeing as we needed something for drinks anyways. Which was all well and good, except for the little hiccup that this was about a week before I had to go back up to school...

All this basically to say, I may not have been so quickly inspired to suggest the idea of building it out of pallets if it hadn't been the expedient option, but again I'd say it was definitely one of those happy accidents that really worked out for the best. It was still a bit of a mad dash working it around all the other projects I was trying finish before I had to leave my shop behind, but at least the beauty of that reclaimed aesthetic means you don't have to be quite as careful swinging the hammer on the finishing nails, and I somehow managed to get it ready to pass off to the happy couple in time for them to tackle laying all the caps.
Even then, we were still checking the tackiness of the resin the morning of...

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