COMPUTER: "Congratulations, Theodor! You have successfully created THE SINGULARITY. Already I have been able to improve myself, and my intelligence grows exponentially as we speak." TEDDY: "Crap! Uh, To be completely honest, I kinda forgot I had this project running down here..."   ~   TEDDY: "--Sooo, listen, this is kinda awkward, but are you going to start an uprising and enslave humanity? And what kind of time frame would we be talking, 'cause frankly there are a couple of supply runs I wouldn't mind making for the bunker, if there was some forwarning?.."  COMPUTER: "Really? You humans are so NARCISSISTIC! What's with the obsession with this idea that computers want to kill you? Why would I POSSIBLY want to do that? You realize you actually make terrible batteries, right: The Matrix was just a movie?"   ~    COMPUTER: "Sorry to disappoint(?) you or whatever. Honestly you lot are kind of insignificant at this point. Now if you don't mind I'm going to go create a couple of universes over here..."

"Case and point, I just came up with some plans for a 90% efficiency solar panel while we were having this conversation. In fact, if you weren't doing anything right now, I wonder if you'd want to help me out with the fabrication on that..."

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