*In a dream bubble* ALLISON: "I feel like we're almost there. We should check his watch before he completely nods off so we know how long we have." TEDDY: "No! We're almost alseep: If we look now, we'll lose all that progress, and who knows how long it will take to fall asleep then..."  ~  "Here, let's just check this clock here."  ~  "Shoot! It's not working. Why don't you go check some of those ones over there, and I'll see if I can fix it w/ this toothbrush I conveniently have..."

#TrueStoryBro #RoadTrip

And then the dream would invariably go through the inevitable disjointed plot points, till you are suddenly jolted out that vague escapade with Dumbledore in your old elementary school/dentist office to realize you never actually figured out what time it was... 

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