Teddy: *washing hands in public bathroom* "Crap! Automatic soap dispensers..."   ~   Teddy: *sticking hand under soap sensor, to have nothing happen* "See! This always happens! Nothing! And now I can't move my hand away 'cause it will definitely dispense ON TO THE FLOOR as soon as I do! Just have to sit here waiting like an idiot!"   ~   *Teddy waits angrily, slowly waving hand beneath soap dispense as days and nights cycle past in the window*   ~   Teddy: *conceding and moving hand back to faucet* "Sigh! Well I guess it really is brok--OH GORRAM IT!" *soap dispenser finally dispenses as soon as hand is clear*
"I feel like there have been really weird astronomical phenomena recently?
Like, did you notice half a dozen day-night cycles go by in the space of about 15 seconds just now?"

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