CPP Potential Edition

"LATER:" TEDDY *going through the scrap cut-off pile in his shop*: "Hmmm... A lot of these pieces are still a decent size: Maybe I should save them in case I ever need to do some blocking or something..." "*Literally went through this same pile last time blocking was required & couldn't find any pieces big enough to use...*"  ~  "Sigh! Guess I'll just BUY some actual firewood..."  ~   TEDDY *stopping chopping a load of firewood to examine the logs*: "Hmmm. Now that I'm seeing these, you know what they'd be REALLY cool for..."  ~  "WOOD CHIPS IT IS!"  ~   TEDDY *examining a handful of wood pellets*: "Hmmm... I wonder what it'd be like if I tried making a custom form and pressing my own particle board..."   "...."

*Teddy dejectedly re-installs the gas fireplace insert*   ~   "Wow, it must be amazing to have a brain where you can just look at firewood and see that!.."

"Hmmm" has to be one of the most dangerous things a crafts person can say... 

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