*Post apocalyptic setting: A "PING" announces an incoming message*  TEDDY: "What?! A message?! A message is coming in!"  ALLISON: "I honestly thought we were the last ones left!"  ~  EMAIL: "From: Graduation Images! To: #1 Super Special Customer  It's no too late! I know we said two weeks after your graduation that it was your last chance to purchase photos of the event, but we noticed its been 7 years and you still haven't bought any, so we wanted to offer you our LIMITED TIME APOCALYPSE SPECIAL!!tm for ONE LAST FINAL CHANCE to purchase a package of these cherished memories! It really is the perfect keepsake for the end of the world! If you order now, we'll even throw in FREE SHIPPING! on orders over $25.*  *or equivalent value in cat videos ($0.87 per minute of video as of...)

Originally I was going to block them, but then I was too lazy to get around to it, and now I'm just curious to see exactly how long they'll hang in there...

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