Work Ethic

"INDEFATIGABLE: (in.di.' adj. [La. Indefatigabilis] Not letting them see how tired you are..." *Mark carting a large, unruly cart of boxes up to Teddy, smiling, but with lots of cartoony aches radiating, a grumbling stomach, etc.*  MARK: "Sorry, 'fraid I've got a bit more to off-load on you: You good to keep going?"  TEDDY: "Yeah, I'm great! Bring it on!"

It's a great strategy!..
...Up until you pair up with someone else who also practices this model, and you both just play off each other indefinitely, till you finally realize you've just worked a sixteen hour day, and still neither of you is willing to concede that you're ready to call it quits, and you have no option but to just resign your self to the fact that you'll have to keep going until one of the two of you literally falls asleep standing...

...And of course, this bit is easy: The hard part is figuring out your body well enough to know when you can safely flip the manual overides and power through, and when you need to take a beat to actually listen to those flashing stars and ease up a bit....

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