Pomp & Circumstance

*Labeled Photos* Cap: "One size fits none" ~ Tassel: "Medieval toture device" "Turned to match dominant hand *makes as much sense as anything I was able to find out in the ceremony." ~ "Hood *not as cool as it sounds" ~ Zipper: "Quick release pull!" ~ Sleeve 'crescents': "??? *???????????"  ~ Hem: "Bell bottom  *capris cut"

"We need something prominent but interchangeable that we can colour-code depending on degree, and mire with a bunch of other abtruse symbolism and ceremonial drivel."

"Sure, I like that: What if we also designed it so that it would constantly trigger the wearer's reflex that there was a fly buzzing around their head through the entire cermony?"

                                                                               - the guys inventing the tassel 

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