TEDDY: "So I'm giving you this marshmallow now: It's yours, you can eat it RIGHT NOW. BUT if WAIT 15 minutes, I'll give you another one: You'll have 2 MARSHMALLOWS."  ~  TEDDY: "So the idea is that it tests control of "deferred gratification." Obviously it makes sense to wait, but young children, it seems, have yet to develop the ability to deny the immediate realization of the lesser reward..."  ~  KID: *thinking* "Let's see, basically this is a FINANCIAL PROBLEM: What I have to ask, is the FUTURE VALUE of 2 marshmallows really worth more than the PRESENT VALUE of 1? If I weigh caloric potential -vs- the inherent risks..."  ~  TEDDY & KID concurrently: *as kid eats marshmallow* "Sucker!.."

 Now there's a kid confident in his future marshmallow investment opportunities...

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