CPP Drive Edition

MARK: "How the hell did we get ourselves locked in a bad guy's boot?" TEDDY: "Um... No comment..."     MARK: "Here, you're closer: Kick out the tail light--that's what they say you're supposed to do in these situations, right?"  TEDDY: "What? Just destroy it? That's like a $180 part! Hard to find on this model too... Seems a bit needless really..."      MARK: "Um...Priorities much? Perhaps you're forgetting the whole BAD GUY part of this equation: I don't think we need to be especially concerned w/ their stuff..."      TEDDY: "Yeah, but that's hardly the car's fault, is it? It didn't do anything! Don't listen to the mean man baby. He didn't mean it..."        MARK: "..."    TEDDY: "Here, just give us a minute, I'll dismantle it properly... I don't suppose you have access to a credit card we could sacrifice for these screws?.. Oh, hold up, this seems a thick paint chip, ...might do in a pinch..."

See, Bad Guys, this is why you never want to actually restrain abductees in your boot: It pretty much necessitates things getting broken in the inevitable escape attempt, and that's clearly no good for anyone....

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