"Arsave" Pop-Up Desk

"Arsave" Pop-Up Desk

One Friday morning (amidst some blue-spinning-wheel-of-death-or-another), I read a piece on the company blog on standing workstations and the various implications and health factors they had. The over-simplified up shot was that, while its pretty obviously not super great for human beings to sit on their butts 8 (-14, seeing as we're architects...) hours a day, the ideal situation would be the one affording flexibility to variously stand or sit throughout the day. Naturally, by lunch, the idea had completely metastasized, and after a whirlwind pillage of Home Depot straight from the office and a similarly crazed weekend, I had a passable Frankenstein mock-up of a desktop module that can be raised and lowered as your tailbone sees fit.

A further summer (and several Lego Technic proof-of-concepts later) I had this much prettier, admittedly more reliable version.

It's constructed from steel-reinforced rigid polypropylene (read "shiny plastic with some bits of metal strapped to it"), has a closed profile of 4.3 cm, and a ratcheting latch system for extended heights ranging from 23.6 cm - 42.2 cm.

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