Barring those w/ the benefit of an introductory linguistics credit filling out their liberal arts knowledge base, ("Oh, you can't pick out the adjectives from a page of meaninglessly-oversimplify, decontextualized Swhahili?) most people now-a-days probably don't realize that the thou/thee pronoun actually has etymological roots as the informal counterpart to the formal "you" that has since subsumed it. We seem to get along just fine w/out it (other than maybe some slight bemusement when Americans attempt to learn foreign languages) ("Tus son?) So this tidbit will probably strike you as vaguely interesting at best: for my part, I admit this as a perfectly reasonable reaction, but I do like to think that 400-500 years form now, people will talk like this when they wan to sound ye-olde & highfalutin: "Yo, bootylicious shorty, y'all be so fine! Jus' wanna get all up in that, damn!"

I'm certainly no expert, but I think I blew my own mind a little bit in writing this when I realized that Shakespearean playwrites were probably socially analogous with modern rappers...

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